Tower Construction

EWS Expert Construction Services

Communication Towers

New Builds and Modification Installations, Small Cell, Civil, MW, Commissioning and Integration, Tiger Team, Quality Assurance

DAS - Indoor & Outdoor

With our years of experience, EWS has fine-tuned our turn-key process from top to bottom. This allows our team to handle services including Benchmark Data Collection, Carrier Coordination

Public Safety - First Responder

EWS has a proven track record supporting AHJ’s with Public Safety solutions across the country supporting the following VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz and FirstNet

Equipment Installation & Integration


Mobile Radio Indoor & Outdoor

About Our Team

EWS is able to perform all tower-related services by employing Tower Crews, Electricians, Integrators, and Microwave Technicians and by utilizing its in-house lift trucks.

Maintenance Services

EWS can actively monitor indoor and outdoor DAS systems for the most responsive turnaround times in the industry.
EWS also has a 24/7 Tiger team available to maintain your solution!