Tower Construction

EWS Expert Construction Services

Communication Towers

New Builds and Modification Installations, Small Cell, Civil, MW, Commissioning and Integration, Tiger Team, Quality Assurance

DAS - Indoor & Outdoor

With our years of experience, EWS has fine-tuned our turn-key process from top to bottom. This allows our team to handle services including Benchmark Data Collection, Carrier Coordination

Public Safety - First Responder

EWS has a proven track record supporting AHJ’s with Public Safety solutions across the country supporting the following VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz and FirstNet

Equipment Installation & Integration


Mobile Radio Indoor & Outdoor

About Our Team

EWS can handle all tower-related services by deploying Tower Crews, Electricians, Integrators, and Microwave Technicians and using its own fleet of lift trucks.

Maintenance Services

EWS can actively monitor indoor and outdoor DAS systems, ensuring the fastest response times in the industry. Also, EWS has a 24/7 Tiger team that is ready to maintain your solution.