Public Safety

EWS Public Safety Services (ERRCS)

First Responder communication is critical to the safety of the public and the brave men and women in the line of duty.  Many cities have adopted code that requires building owners to augment the Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) prior to occupying the building.  Whether or not your project needs a system will depend on the specific code and the existing coverage in the area.  EWS will help you navigate the complex ERRCS process through the following services. EWS offers a Design-Build approach to our clients which allows for a unified flow of work from initial concept to construction completion

Benchmark Testing & AHJ Reporting

  • We map the existing ERRCS coverage in new or existing buildings to assess compliance with IFC and NFPA codes.
  • If an ERRCS is required, we will map the coverage post-deployment to ensure compliance with the installed system.

Pre & Post Construction Consulting

  • The ERRCS coverage will change over time. We work with you to make sure the building stays in compliance.
  • We coordinate with the local authority to submit all permitting and plans for the final inspection.
  • EWS anticipates future costs for an ERRCS solution and will recommend pre-cabling needs before construction begins.

ERRCS Design

  • iBwave Design is the leading software for planning in-building wireless systems. EWS has iBwave level 3 certified engineers capable of designing an ERRCS system to fit your building.
  • Our engineers are proficient with multiple OEM solutions to propose the right system for your unique structure.


  • Our experienced installation team will make sure the system is up and running on time.
  • We are certified with multiple nationally recognized OEM partners to install and commission their equipment.
  • EWS will commission the ERRCS and coordinate with local authorities to meet all code requirements

Maintenance and Support

Though we hope the ERRCS process will be smooth and without issue, situations may arise that need attention

  •  Wireless systems by nature are subject to potential interference from external sources. We have experienced personnel in finding and reducing this interference.
  •  Component failure can bring your system out of compliance. We can quickly mobilize to find and replace faulty devices.
  • Will complete yearly testing and reporting to meet fire code compliance. 

EWS ERRCS Certifications