Regulatory and Compliance


Compliance Management is a critical component of identifying and mitigating regulatory risks in the wireless industry. 

We have been supporting our clients’ regulatory needs since 2007! 

NEPA / Section 106

Order and review wireless site build NEPA and Section 106 Reports. Our Team follows the rules and regulations of the FCC to ensure reports are accurate and Sec 106 rules and guidelines are implemented.


Evaluates and completes the entire FAA and FCC compliance processes and required documents. Our Team files with the FAA and FCC on behalf of the client as well as researching and validating any existing FAA and FCC filings.

Bird Surveys
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When nesting activity is suspected or identified on a site, EWS will coordinate with a qualified biologist to visit and observe the site to determine if it is a protected bird, if the nest is active, and when the project can expect to start or resume based on the status of the nest.

 Our primary objective is to ensure our clients comply with complex state and federal regulations. We evaluate their network projects and provide consultation and management services on all regulatory requirements before the start of any construction, upgrade, or modification.


Provide our clients with Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments, Phase III Remediation, Property Condition Assessments, Lead Based Paint Studies, Asbestos Surveys, Geotechnical Investigation, and more! We work closely with our clients on any recognized environmental concerns. We also ensure all environmental concerns are addressed and safety precautions are taken prior to construction activities.



EWS holds an Airspace license which is used to provide aeronautical impact analysis at a specific site location to comply with the rules and regulations of the FAA. Height restriction is an area in project development that should not be overlooked.


Depending on the location of construction within the vicinity of an airport, a TERPS Analysis may be required. TERPS stands for Terminal Instrument Procedures which are determined by the FAA. The licensed TERPS software generates a graphical image of an aviation environment surrounding a location to aid in an analysis of suitable site location for a project to comply with the FAA.

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