Staffing Services

Staffing Services has been a core part of our business since 2004, supporting our Wireless Customers to achieve their project initiatives. We’re dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well-matched to your unique project needs, for both on-site and remote work that will act as an extension of your team. We have a deep understanding of the Telecommunications Industry and the roles listed below.

Project Management

A Project Manager oversees every aspect of an awarded or assigned project from inception to conclusion ensuring efficiency and completion within budget and on time per client’s needs and expectations. They are efficient with providing job status reports and resolving any conflicts or issues that arise.

Supply Chain Management

A Supply Chain Specialist optimizes and supports all requirements related to the planning, purchasing, storage, and tracking of materials and assets. Our specialists are highly skilled, enabling our Customers to track and monitor every stage of the logistics cycle to meet network driven initiatives.

RF Engineering

Engineers perform RF design, Optimization, and site candidate evaluation and selection. Engineers are able to determine equipment and power configurations and deliver health reports to provide visibility into design issues and implement solutions to address them. Engineers can help identify ways to deploy solutions more cost effectively and faster and develop strategies that will reduce cost and timeframes.

Construction Management

CM’s are accountable for managing the overall field performance. including scope, cost, safety, quality, schedule, implementation, and customer satisfaction. Understand and ensure compliance with Customer specification, permitting, inspections and code. Monitor and report performance of projects by ensuring full utilization of Customer tracking tools and reports. Perform Quality Audit to ensure successful project closeouts.

Other Professional Roles

In addition to the areas of expertise listed, we have a proven track record of staffing specialists in the following areas; Regulatory & Compliance, Leasing, Real Estate, Site Acquisition, Telco Management, Switch Technicians, Field Technicians, Project Coordinators, Construction Coordinators, and various Administrative roles to suite our Customers’ specific needs.